Go Green for Green Act

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The Ambassador Regulation Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Preamble The purpose of this bill is to encourage citizens and businesses to invest in clean fuels so that Liberalia becomes a key player in the new fuel market. It also aims to bring foreign companies into Liberalia for their own benefit.

Article I. Benefits to the Producers

Clause 1. Farmers who dedicate 20% of their crops to making ethanol fuel will be rewarded with tax breaks for the seasons they are at or above 20% of their total crop output.

Clause 2. Hydrogen collectors, by means of solar panels and electrolysis, will be spared pieces of government land at a discounted price.

Section a. Producers who use electrolosis will be encouraged to use infected water sites that have been polluted so as to not use up our already depleting clean water sources.

Article II. Benefits for companies

Clause 1. Any corporation in Liberalia that wishes to further the development and uses of the renewable and new clean fuels or hybrid technology will be given a small tax break for the first 2 years of business. More breaks on a national level can be accomodated if the company talks to the Secretary of Commerce in their nation.

Clause 2. Fueling stations for these new fuels will be relieved of property taxes for 2 years.

Clause 3. Any Company wishing to buy clean fuels and hybrid technology will be relieved of some of their environmental clean up taxes so they can afford the new commodity(assuming new fuels will be costly at first).

Article III. Benefits for the Citizens

Clause 1. Any Citizen who purchases a vehicle or home heating system using a green fuel, or hybrid technology will only have to pay one fourth of the taxes for their vehicle.

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